FORS Silver Accredited! 15:03 10/11/2016

Hicks Logistics are proud to announce that we’ve met the requirements silver level of the FORS – Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme.fors

Silver accreditation is awarded to operators who maintain their Bronze accreditation and are able to demonstrate that they have developed driver licencing verification systems, their vehicles over 3.5 tonnes are equipped with a left turn audible warning system and their vehicles are fitted with blind spot minimisation devices.

How we did it: 

For Silver accreditation, fleet operators shall provide evidence for all accredited operating centres demonstrating that they meet the specific requirements for Silver.

Evidence must be submitted via the evidencing system.

Bronze accreditation must be valid for at least 15 more days validity at the time of submitting evidence for Silver accreditation

What is FORS?

FORS is aligned to a number of other schemes. At Bronze level operators will be ready to meet the requirements of the Safer Lorry Scheme. This mandates basic safety equipment (side under-run protection and safety mirrors) on all commercial vehicles over 3.5t. At Silver level operators will also meet the requirements of the Standard for Construction Logistics and Cycle Safety (CLOCS) and TfL’s own Work Related Road Risk requirements (WRRR). For more information please click here.

The accreditation has been granted to Hicks Logistics and is immediately in effect, the application process and submission of documentation was completed by Simon Hicks, Director and Transport Manager.

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